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  Type 3249
  Aseptic Valve (Left)

  Type 3347
  Sanitary Valve (Right)




Germs donít stand a chance in the cavity-free body of the Type 3347 Sterile Valve as all wetted parts are made of corrosion-resistant, polished high-alloyed steel. A special PTFE bushing reliably prevents germs being transferred at the actuator stem. An additional steam line connection is available to meet even stricter standards of cleanliness. In the Type 3249 Valve, the EPDM diaphragm together with a backup packing provide the perfect protection against germ transfer. Valve material and design comply with the most stringent international standards including EHEDG conformity for both valve body styles, FDA conformity for wetted seal materials, and 3A compliance for the ball-body version. The valve bodies are also suitable for CIP and SIP procedures.