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ADSEAL The new packing from SAMSON

A new type of packing is available for SAMSON Series 240 and 250 Globe Valves: The self-adjusting packing ADSEAL features an additional sealing element that can be activated when the packing starts to leak. Self-adjusting packings have a particularly excellent sealing ability and low hysterisis as well as lasting a long time and being maintenance-free. Like all other sealing elements, its service life has a limit though: The packing starts to leak and needs to be replaced. The benefit of ADSEAL allows the packing to carry on working until the next scheduled maintenance is due. This saves time and money. Just pull the spacer on the packing and tighten the threaded bushing as far as it will go the packing is absolutely leak-tight again. When the red spacer is removed, it remains connected to the valve on a wire and maintenance staff can immediately recognize that the packing needs to be replaced.