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Fire-Lock Cartridge




Safety in case of fire

The worst thing that can happen in a plant is a fire breaking out. In this situation, seconds will make the difference and you need valves that can be absolutely relied upon. The valves must move quickly to their fail-safe position and maintain it until the fire is extinguished.

The high temperatures caused by a fire will make the spring forces in the pneumatic standard actuator lose their strength and, consequently, the springs cannot withstand the differential pressure anymore. The tight shut-off and, hence, the fail-safe position can no longer be guaranteed. Leaks cannot be prevented anymore. The so-called Fire-Lock cartridges solve this problem. They can easily be installed in actuators already existing by placing them in the center of the cylindrical actuator springs. The Fire-Lock cartridges compensate for the loss in strength of the actuator springs by exerting a counter-pressure on the weakening springs. Two cylinders sliding freely within one another contain a ceramic material which expands with great force, pushing the cylinders apart in the axial direction. Actuators equipped with Fire-Lock cartridges can be installed in any position. The cartridges do not impede the travel of the valve.

Comprehensive studies demonstrated that the patented cartridge is able to maintain the fail-safe position of the valve over an extended period of time. The time span complies with the requirement defined in the BSI 6755/2 standard (Fire-Safe).

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